Through the Looking GLASS

A JWST exploration of galaxy formation and evolution from cosmic dawn to present day

Key Science Areas

GLASS is focused on two main science areas: understanding the Reionization of the universe less than 1 billion years after the Big Bang, and understanding how gas and heavy elements are distributed within and around galaxies over time.


Observing Plan

GLASS will combine the natural magnifying power of gravitational lensing by the massive galaxy cluster Abell 2744 (one of the Frontier Fields) with JWST's incredible sensitivity to measure detailed properties of distant galaxies in the early universe.

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Instrument Mode Filters Exposure
NIRISS Wide Field Slitless Spectroscopy, R~150 F115, F150W, F200W 35ks
NIRCam Parallel Imaging F090W, F115W, F150W, F277W, F200W, F356W, F444W 30ks; mAB~29
NIRSpec Multi-Object Spectroscopy, R~2700 F100LP, F170LP, F290LP 52ks
NIRCam Parallel Imaging F090W, F115W, F150W, F277W, F200W, F356W, F444W 50ks; mAB~29.4

Community Products

GLASS will provide a variety of science-enabling products for the community in two releases.

  • Object-based multi-instrument exploration tool
  • RA/DEC based NIRISS forced-extraction tool
  • Spectroscopic templates of z>5 sources
  • Spectral quantities/catalogs
  • NIRCAM-parallel catalogs of z>7 galaxies
  • Quantitative comparison of NIRISS and NIRSPEC spectra
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    GLASS-ERS is a team of of 32 scientists, lead by Professor Tommaso Treu at UCLA. We have extensive expertise in space and ground based imaging and spectroscopy of the distant universe. Many of us are members of GLASS (Grism Lens-Amplified Survey from Space)

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    CoIs: L. Abramson, M. Bradac, G. Brammer, A. Fontana, A. Henry, A. Hoag, K. Huang, C. Mason, T. Morishita, L. Pentericci, X. Wang

    Collaborators: M. Bagley, I. Balestra, G. Bartosch, S. Bernard, R. Gavazzi, C. Grillo, T. Jones, P. Kelly, D. Lange-Vagle, M. Malkan, D. Marchesini, A. Mercurio, B. Poggianti, P. Rosati, C. Scarlata, K. B. Schmidt, H. Shipley, M. Trenti, E. Vanzella, B. Vulcani