GLASS Survey Paper and First Data Release


Today we released the GLASS survey paper together with the first data product of the survey.
The paper gives a thorough overview of GLASS and its science goals.
We utilize the Hubble Frontier Field cluster MACSJ0717, the first cluster to be observed by GLASS, to illustrate the data quality and the high-level data products we will be releasing for each of the 10 GLASS clusters.
From a visual inspection with GiG and GiGz of each spectrum brighter than H_AB = 23 we measure the redshift when sufficient information is present in the spectra.
Furthermore, we conduct a thorough search for emission lines through all the GLASS WFC3 spectra with the aim of measuring redshifts for sources with continuum fainter than H_AB = 23.
As a product of these efforts, we present a catalog of 139 emission-line based spectroscopic redshifts for extragalactic sources, including three new redshifts of multiple imaged systems.

The GLASS survey paper:
The GLASS data products:
The GLASS inspection software: