GLASS proposal selected for JWST Early Release Science program!

Our JWST early release science (ERS) proposal “Through the Looking GLASS: A JWST Exploration of Galaxy Formation and Evolution from Cosmic Dawn to Present Day” was selected as one of 13 successful programs.

The ERS programs will run in the first 5 months of JWST’s science operations (end of 2019 – early 2020) and will showcase JWST’s instrument capabilities, and provide science-enabling products to help the astronomical community maximize the science output of the JWST mission.

The GLASS ERS program will provide NIRISS and NIRSpec spectroscopy in the Frontier Field cluster Abell 2744, as well as NIRCam parallel imaging. More details about our ERS program are available at




First paper released

Schmidt et al. (2014), ApJ 782:L36 

The first GLASS data arrived on 2013 December 24 and 30 and consists of 10029 and 3812 seconds of G102 and G141 spectroscopy on MACS0717, respectively, and comprise only ~1/20th of the final GLASS data product.

For the 9 redshift 6 galaxy candidates in MACS0717 with GLASS grism spectra clear of contamination we do not detect any emission lines down to a 1σ noise level of ∼5×10−18 erg s−1 cm−2. This confirms that the targeted high redshift candidates are not strong line emitters at lower redshift.

Furthermore, we spectroscopically confirm four multiply imaged strongly lensed systems by detecting emission lines ([OIII] and [OII])  the GLASS grism spectra, confirming the proposed photometric redshifts from the literature. 

For more details follow the link to ADS .