First paper released

GLASS spectroscopic confirmation of strongly lensed system in MACS0717.

Schmidt et al. (2014), ApJ 782:L36 

The first GLASS data arrived on 2013 December 24 and 30 and consists of 10029 and 3812 seconds of G102 and G141 spectroscopy on MACS0717, respectively, and comprise only ~1/20th of the final GLASS data product.

For the 9 redshift 6 galaxy candidates in MACS0717 with GLASS grism spectra clear of contamination we do not detect any emission lines down to a 1σ noise level of ∼5×10−18 erg s−1 cm−2. This confirms that the targeted high redshift candidates are not strong line emitters at lower redshift.

Furthermore, we spectroscopically confirm four multiply imaged strongly lensed systems by detecting emission lines ([OIII] and [OII])  the GLASS grism spectra, confirming the proposed photometric redshifts from the literature. 

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